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Commerce participates in new advisory programs to retail trade to alleviate the effects of Covid-19

"Express advice"

Trade | 5/29/2020

The EOI offers training programmes and advice to scan.

The secretariat of state of Trade will be personalized tracking of beneficiaries belonging to the retail trade.

The ministry of industry, trade and tourism, through the school of Industrial organization (EOI), foundation attached to the General Secretary of industry and SMES, and funded by the European Social Fund, offers training programmes of digitalization and advice to SMEs and autonomous to alleviate the effects produced by the COVID-19.

Specifically, the program called "EXPRESS ADVICE" is aimed at entrepreneurs and the self-employed, offering them a specialized advisory service in decision-making related to the financial and legal management of their business, including specific aspects of recent regulations related to COVID. -19. At this time the registration period is open until June 15 and there are 600 places available to which the retail trade can choose.

The Secretary of State for Commerce will carry out a personalized follow-up of the beneficiaries belonging to the retail trade, complementing the advice provided in the "Express Advice" program with relevant information for the sector, both by the Central Administration and the Autonomous Communities.

In the following link is complete information of support programmes for companies and autonomous:

Registration for companies throughout the national territory will take place on the web Training Programmes COVID-19.