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The secretariat of state of Trade renews and modernizes its website.

More practical, dynamic and accessible information

Trade | 6/3/2020

Account with contents more dynamic and accessible for companies and individuals.

country channelit is a new tool with practical information for importers, exporters and investors.

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The secretariat of state of trade, with the aim of providing information more practical, dynamic and accessible completely renovated the web page.  

Xiana Méndez, Secretary of State for Commerce highlighted that: “With this website we hope to be more competitive and continue supporting the Spanish business sector and the foreign sector as a growth engine.”.

This improvement will provide information and content in order to boost retail trade, support exports and attract foreign investment.

One of the main developments that presents the web iscountry channel,a tool that will allow one click to obtain practical information on potential destination markets, whether you are an importer, exporter or investor. Today it is more important than ever, given the situation of limited mobility, to bring the market closer to our companies.

Together with ICEX, COFIDES and CESCE, organizations attached to this Secretary of State, Spanish companies have at their disposal instruments that accompany them in their commitment to international markets.

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