The Ministry of Trade, regional governments, associations and unions support the ‘Protocol of good practices’ for de-escalation in the commercial sector


The Secretary of State for Trade held a meeting by videoconference with the Autonomous Regions, associations representing the business sector, and unions, involving a total of 85 people.

The Secretary of State for Commerce has held a videoconference meeting with Autonomous Communities, representative associations of the commercial sector and unions in which a total of 85 people have participated.

Explained by the Ministry the detail of the new protocol and good practices guide and unresolved questions and concerns by participants in the meeting with the objective of all businesses have clear protocols and hygiene measures and security in the reopening.

The Protocol includes both general preventive measures such as specific recommendations for different sectors, including sales markets sedentary not. Have been taken into account in addition the different instructions and recommendations developed by the ministry of Health.

“We have conceived the Protocol as a general and consensual framework, which may be completed with the decisions adopted and agreed by the management of the companies with the delegates of prevention and safety and health committees ", explains the secretary of State of Commerce , Xiana Méndez .

At the meeting, the orderly reopening of trade was discussed, subject to the phase change determined by the Government - through the Ministry of Health - in each province. For Méndez , "we have to act with prudence in this gradual reopening of commercial spaces, which we have to recover, because they are life-boosters in towns and cities and generators of an initial impulse, which is essential for the recovery of the economy. "

Promotion campaign of trade

The Secretary of State has informed attendees of the launch during the next week of a Trade Promotion Campaign, designed together with the Chamber of Spain . Its objective is, for Méndez , "to make visible the importance of the commercial sector in territorial structuring and in social cohesion in neighborhoods, towns and cities."