Range of the Standard:
Community Regulation
Character of the query:
Type of participation:
Prior public consultation

Background of the norm

The proposal has its origin in the joint statement of the european parliament, the council and the commission the 10.2.2021 concerning an instrument to deter and counteract the coercive actions by third countries. At the same statement, the commission undertook to present a legislative proposal at the end of 2021, which the european parliament and the council would consider in due course.

Problems to be solved with the new standard

The aim is to deter or take countermeasures against the coercive economic measures of third countries. The proposal defines economic coercion as a situation where a third country interferes with the legitimate sovereign elections of the union or a member state seeking to prevent or cease, modification or the adoption of a particular act of the union or a member state applying or threatening to implement measures that affect trade or investment.

Remission deadline

Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Thursday, December 23, 2021 until the day Monday, January 31, 2022

Submission of allegations

The allegations may be referred to the email address: