Organization chart

Secretariat of state for trade

Mrs.. Xiana Margarida Méndez BértoloCurriculum vitae

  • Cabinet

    D. Erik Rovina Mardones

  • S.G. of Internationalization strategy

    Mrs. Paula Warden Arranz.

  • S.G. of Studies and assessment of Trade policy instruments

    D. Bernardo Hernández San Juan

  • General Directorate of International Trade and investment

    Mrs.. Alicia Rocío Varela DonosoCurriculum vitae

    • Cabinet

      D. José Rubio Sailing

    • S.G. of Asia, Europe is not European union and Oceania

      Mrs. Laura Carrasco Jarillo

    • S.G. of Latin America and north america

      Mrs. Elizabeth Rat García-junceda.

    • S.G. of Mediterranean Countries, africa and Middle East

      Ana Lancho de Vicente

    • S.G. foreign investment

      Mrs. Fernández Barjau White.

    • S.G. financial stimulation of internationalization

      D. Jordi Fornells fruits

    • S.G. of Economic and trade offices abroad and Territorial Network of Trade

      D. Bruno Fernández Scrimieri

  • Dg trade

    D. Juan Francisco Martínez GarcíaCurriculum vitae

    • Cabinet

      Mrs. Eva Llorente González.

    • S.G. eu trade policy

      D. Álvaro Enrique Rodriguez Ruiz

    • S.G. Tariff policy and Trade defence instruments

      D. Pedro Miguel Pascual Fernández

    • S.G. of Inspection, certification and technical assistance of foreign trade

      D. Agustín Velilla Sanz

    • S.G. international merchandise trade

      D. Daniel Cascales Núñez

    • S.G. on international trade in Defence and dual-use

      D. Ramón Tomás Wall Martínez

    • S.G. of International trade in services and Digital Trade

      María Aparici González

    • S.G. regulating Internal Trade

      Mrs. Marta Cabrera García-conde.

    • S.G. to support the competitiveness of small-scale commerce

      María Rodríguez Yunta Angels

Organigrama de la Secretaría de Estado de Comercio [PDF] [1,02 MB]