Recognition of associations of exporters

Grants, subsidies and awards recognition of associations of Exporters


The granting of recognition as a cooperation partner of the secretariat of state for trade, associations and federations of exporters, seeks to establish a lasting framework for collaboration among these entities and the Secretariat of state, allowing better flow of information between the secretariat and the various export sectors. The recognition is open to any entity with a representation in the majority or substantial export a certain export sector (which must also be relevant in our foreign trade) and is ready to assume the obligations arising from this recognition.

The basic requirements, documentation and to bring the deadlines for this recognition is specified in the order of the ministry of industry, tourism and trade, Order ITC/3690/2005 of 22 november and its amendment, Order ITC/577/2007 of 6 march; however, are outlined below.

Requirements for the recognition of associations or federations of Exporters

The associations and federations that meet the requirements established in the Ministerial Order ITC/3690/2005 of November 22 and which are specified below, will be recognized as collaborating entities of the Secretariat of State for Commerce, through Resolution of the own Secretariat:

  1. That the export figure of the last three years of all its members is the majority of the total export of each sector or is considered substantially representative of the export of the same.

    That the export figure of the last three years of all its members is the majority of the total export of each sector or is considered substantially representative of the export of the same.

    In the case of Associations/Federations of Service Exporters, the following may be counted as exports:

    • The supply of services to another country from Spain.
    • The consumption of services in our country by foreign agents.
    • The provision of services from subsidiaries and branches in a third country.
    • The provision of services through the presence of natural persons in another country.

    The export volume will be considered to be significant in each of the last three years within the total export of the sector or within the total export of services.

    To account for the benefits related to letter c), statistics corresponding to both the activity of subsidiaries or branches and their business volume, the added value generated or profit reimbursement data will be accepted. If this data is not available, the net volume of investments made abroad with the objective of providing the service may be indicated.

    To account for the benefits corresponding to letter d), the income obtained from the provision of the service or the volume of remuneration of the people displaced to the country to provide the service will be admitted.

  2. That the sector to which they belong is homogeneous for the purposes of commercial organization, economic entity and representation in Spanish foreign trade.

    The Associations of Service Exporters and, where appropriate, the Federations may be established for any service sector that has a clearly differentiated character from other sectors and demonstrates relevance for Spanish exports and trade policy. The differentiated nature of the sector must be justified through the documentation sent to the Administration at the time recognition is requested.”

  3. That they operate throughout the territory of Spain and that their associates, in accordance with their Statutes, come from any part of the Spanish territory.

  4. That they assume the commitment to collaborate with the Administration in the actions of the sector abroad and in the provision of information to it about the economic situation and the problems that affect the sector, both in the domestic market and abroad. .

  5. To develop foreign promotion activities.

  6. That they participate in national and international advisory bodies that affect the activity of the sector.

Except in exceptional circumstances, only one entity per sector will be recognized, with priority given to those whose export figures in the last three years are higher, in the terms expressed in section 1 of this provision. In the case of Associations/Federations Exporting Services, priority will be given to those that, due to the characteristics of their members, have greater relevance for Spanish trade policy.

Application for recognition and accompanying documentation

The application for recognition must be submitted electronically through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Enterprise, using a recognised electronic signature, choosing from the list of available electronic procedures the one corresponding to “Recognition of Associations or Federations of Exporters as entities collaborating with the Administration"

The documents specified in that address, specifically in the section "Help information for all access modes", must be attached telematically to the application.

Deadlines for the application for recognition

The application for recognition as a cooperation partner will be undertaken in the period from 1 june to 31 july of each year.

Recognition should be made within six months from the date of application has been the entry into the electronic register of the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism. If in this period of time had not been notified resolution expresses, the application shall be considered granted. The resolution will appear in the BOE would exhaust and administrative means.

After recognition
  1. Request for financial contribution.

    The Association is empowered to enter for the system of aid provided by Ministerial Order ITC/3690/2005 of 22 november. Annually will appear in the BOE resolution which approves the convening for the granting of aid for the exercise and which will determine the deadline for applications.

    The procedure would be as follows if an association has been recognized in any of the past two months of a given year (usually the months that are decided recognitions) will proceed to apply for funds in the first call for aid to publish the following year.

    The grant request will remain the same procedures in place for partnerships/recognized federations, which are reflected under “ grants to associations ” of this website.

  2. Justification of the use of funds.

    The same process as to the associations recognized exporters, which is indicated under “ grants to associations ” of this website.

List of recognised associations/federations

Relationship of associations and federations of exporters partner organizations in the secretariat of state for trade, under the partnership established Ministerial Order ITC/3690/2005 of 22 november (BOE 29).

List of agrifood associations, industrial and service