Women and internationalization

Working Group "Women and Internationalization"

The Secretary of State for Commerce is firmly committed to the role of women in the internationalization of the Spanish economy. To this end, the Working Group "Women and Internationalization" was created in 2019 within the framework of the II Plan of Action for the Internationalization of the Spanish Economy 2019-2020 and within the Strategy for the Internationalization of the Spanish Economy 2017-2027.

This Working Group was created with the aim of enhancing the role of women in the internationalization of the Spanish economy and laying the foundations to advance in a committed, firm and coordinated manner in the incorporation of women in international trade.

To this end, this Group addresses four main lines of action:

  1. Statistics to have a better diagnosis of the current role of women in international trade and possible barriers.
  2. Access to financing and promotion of internationalization programs.
  3. Training in internationalization.
  4. Compliance with the Equality Law.

All those private and public institutions that have an interest and are involved in this area are voluntarily part of this Group: from representatives of the administrations to university institutions and the business sector.

Report "Women and Internationalization"

To advance this purpose, four tables for dialogue and work were created. After the celebration and debate of the participants who constituted these working groups, a report has been prepared that includes the conclusions of each of them and the measures that will be adopted to promote inclusive trade policies that contribute to the advancement of gender equality.

Access the Conclusions of the report of the round tables on "The Role of Women in the Internationalization of the Spanish Economy" [PDF] [1.2 MB]

II Working Group Event "Women and Internationalisation".

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Secretary of State for Trade held the 2nd "Women and Internationalisation of the Spanish Economy" event to continue promoting gender equality in international economic activity.