The evaluation report on the way towards the internationalization strategy of the spanish economy 2017-2027

The internationalization strategy of the spanish economy 2017-2027 which articulates the action of the government to promote the internationalisation, includes a commitment to evaluation halfway which has been carried out by 2023.

The report, which responds to this objective, taking into account the assessment reports on the action plans and 2019-2020 2017-2018, as well as the evolution of the main economic indicators associated with internationalization.

The report concludes that the problems and challenges identified in the strategy remain relevant and responding to market failures that justify public intervention, so that the strengths accumulated by the spanish external sector, in particular the enlargement of the export base, are an excellent starting point for that to continue to contribute to sustainable economic growth and employment. However, the international economic landscape has undergone significant changes. The health crisis, the geopolitical tensions and conflicts show that the new scenario is subject to greater uncertainty and objectives, such as gender equality or the social and environmental sustainability more relevant.

In this new scenario, we need a reformulation of the strategy that addresses the following general recommendations:

  • Maintaining the overall aim of supporting the “ positive contribution of the external sector to economic growth to become a structural phenomenon and a reversal in the creation of employment ”.
  • The reformulation of the six themes or areas for action, to meet the new priorities identified. In particular, for greater capacity to adapt to changing international context and to accommodate more explicitly the objectives of gender equality and environmental sustainability and social council.
  • Strengthen the governance system of the strategy and action plans to facilitate this capacity to adapt to a changing environment, establishing mechanisms for early detection that facilitate flexible responses.

The Report includes a total of 20 specific recommendations that develop these points.

The evaluation report on the way towards the internationalization strategy of the spanish economy 2017-2027