Report of evaluation of the Plan of action for the internationalization of the spanish economy 2019-2020

The report evaluates the 2019-2020 Plan of action, the second two-year plan of development of the strategy of Internationalization of the spanish economy 2017-2027 (EIEE), on which the action of the government to promote the internationalisation.

With this exercise aims to increase transparency and accountability to citizens, enhance the implementation of the proceedings in the area of internationalization and contribute to improved design of future plans.

The report made conclusions and recommendations to facilitate the plans of action for the implementation of the accompanying EIEE successfully with the companies in their efforts in internationalization and uphold the positive contribution of the external sector recovery and balanced growth:

  • The implementation of the Plan of action 2019-2020 has been affected the health crisis with a high impact of global trade and global supply chains. In this context, the external sector english has been resilient, relying on the accumulated strengths, such as the enlargement of the export base, the dynamism of the export of tourist services or favourable insertion into global value chains.
  • The adoption of the emergency Plan against covid-19 reveals the remarkable resilience shown by those instruments to support the internationalization in front of the health crisis.
  • The design of the Plan of action 2019-2020 is suitable for addressing the obstacles faced by companies in their process of internationalization, associated with market failures and its implementation has been satisfactory, 92.6 per cent of the shares assessed to be fulfilled.
  • Progress towards overcoming the challenges and objectives of the strategy and Plan has been uneven, as a result of the health crisis. In cases where there has been an interruption, this has had a temporary nature. These challenges include export growth, enlargement of the export base, the increase in participation in international contracts and the improvement of the appeal of the spanish economy with a view to attracting investment.
  • The beneficiary enterprises of the main instruments for internationalization see them as effective. The areas identified greater room for improvement are meeting the needs of smes in connection with the internationalization, geographical diversification and the incorporation of technology, human capital and brand.
  • The report contains specific recommendations forSPANISHSpain export and investment; territorial networks and foreign tradeCESCE,COFIDES,FIEMthe lines of support for the internationalization ofICOand the momentum of trade agreements.