Countries with Strategic Sectoral Action (PASS)

The government has accompanied the Plan of action of Internationalization of the spanish economy with the so-called 2019-2020exercise PASS (countries with Strategic Sectoral Action), which contains a selection of twelve countries of strategic action in certain sectors where the potential of our businesses is still far from being achieved and where opportunities have been identified.

For this, and on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the geographical areas and sectors of opportunity for our businesses, has been carried out an exercise of market research/sector, which has allowed us to identify a number of very concrete measures to make it possible to adapt the spanish export performance of its potential.

This exercise has been made in the light of objective indicators on different markets and its importance for the spanish companies in internationalisation.

Consequently, the strategy adds a PASSsectoral component to the traditional approach of markets, identifying priority strategic sectors with potential exporting in selected countries.

The objective is to focus and coordinate the actions of trade policy on the binomial sector-país, so as to achieve a more effective and efficient, and to achieve our companies itsmaximum potential in the target market.

The 12 countries SPEND selected are: Usa, canada, mexico, brazil, morocco, south africa, russia1, Turkey, japan, korea, China and India.

There are, however, noted that this list is not exclusive, but rather of strategic action in different sectors identified in each country.

1. Russia has been deleted from the list of countries with the strategic action, as a result of their offensive in Ukraine.

Enlargement of the implementation of the exercise Happens:

Bearing in mind that 2020 was especially complicated for the external sector, in the Plan of action for the internationalization of the spanish economy 2021-2022 decided to extend the period of implementation of the PASS office during 2021, maintaining the list of countries and sectors and initially selectedadding united kingdom for the purposes of BrexitAdditionally,.it has decided to eliminate russia from the list of countries with the strategic action, as a result of their offensive in ukraine and its implications económico-comerciales.

Below, this exercise for each country Happens:

Finally, we add the PASS office for The United Kingdom: