Action Plan for the Internationalization of the spanish economy 2021-22

TheAction Plan for the Internationalization of the spanish economy 2021-22the council of ministers adopted on 11 may 2021, formed the government's action in support of internationalization. Aims to promote the internationalization of the spanish economy and place the external sector as a pillar of economic recovery and employment through improved competitiveness and the increased presence of spanish companies abroad.

This Plan is updated situation analysis of the external sector, taking into account the emergence of a pandemic COVID-19 and its impact on trade flows, and defines the concrete measures that seek to influence the aims identified and 6 lines of action defined in theInternationalization strategy of the spanish economy 2017-2027.

The Plan of action 2021-22 concentrates on the following areas of action:

  • Expand the base of spanish companies that export regularly, to promote greater access of smes to foreign markets.
  • Diversify markets for export and investment, seeking to promote the implementation of our companies in strategic sectors.
  • Building the resilience of the productive fabric and exporter to exacerbate the financial instruments to support the internationalization and actions to be supported with special attention to smes.
  • Strengthening the global value chains in which Spain is integrated with the establishment of a stable framework, rules-based, by diversifying sources of supply, opening new markets and developing cooperative frameworks for access to critical products.
  • Promote digital transformation and sustainable development among internationalised enterprises.

Action Plan for the Internationalization of the spanish economy 2021-2022 [PDF] [3.59 during MB]

Executive Summary of the Plan of action for the Internationalization 2021-2022 [PDF] [8.18 MB]