Action Plan for the Internationalization of the spanish economy 2019-2020

The Plan of action for the internationalization of the spanish economy 2019-2020, currently in force, was adopted by the agreement of the council of ministers of 29 march 2019.

This plan is part of the strategy for the internationalization of the spanish economy 2017-27. Following the principles of coherence and coordination in the performance of the State and complementarity with the private sector, have been selected for measures to support the internationalization of greater impact, thus enabling the adaptation of the strategy to changing circumstances.

The Plan of action 2019-2020 part of an updated situation analysis of the external sector, and thereafter defines the concrete measures to achieve the objectives set forth in the strategy, which are grouped around the six priority axes defined in the same.

The novel measures contained in the Plan 2019-2020 seeking to:

  1. The promotion of a progressive trade policy and inclusive manner, urging that trade negotiations within the european union to take into account chapters of sustainable development, trade, gender and smes in conformity with the objectives of Sustainable Development of the Agenda 2030 and the paris agreement to combat climate change.
  2. The incorporation by the secretariat of state for trade and its bodies dependent on sustainability as cross-cutting policy for all actors in the relevant administration internationalization.
  3. Continue promoting the diversification of markets and sectors of export destination of spanish goods and services outside the eu to PASS through the exercise (countries with Strategic Sectoral Action), which is a new approach based on the binomial sector-país.
  4. Strengthen the culture of customer services, to provide advocacy and information, personalized and comprehensive high value added by ICEX Spain export and Investment.
  5. Strategic investment of countries and in priority sectors.
  6. Modernizing the tools of official financial support to companies in their internationalization process.
  7. To increase the added value of our exports.

Action Plan for the Internationalization of the spanish economy 2019-2020 [PDF] [3.17 MB]