International sanctions

International sanctions constitute a central element of the common foreign and security policy, whose main goal is to strengthen international security, defence of democracy and human rights in accordance with the principles of the charter of the united nations and with the provisions of article 21 of the treaty on european Union.

The implementation of these measures has evolved over time, so that it is presently to generate the biggest impact on those responsible and to minimize the adverse humanitarian effects.

The sanctioned individuals and entities by theUNITED NATIONScan be consulted on each of thesanctions regimes(contained in the drop down box in the tab “Sanctions”):

  • Delegations are reminded that the decisions and regulations on EU sanctions as well as updated lists of convicts can be consulted onSanctionsmap.
  • Delegations are reminded that the legal texts adopted by the eu can be found atEUR-Lex.

You can also consultconsolidated list of individuals and entities subject to freezing of funds by the eu.

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