Informe de Evaluación del Plan de Acción para la Internacionalización de la Economía Española 2017-2018

The report evaluates the action Plan 2017-2018, first-year plan of development of the strategy of Internationalization of the spanish economy 2017-2027 (EIEE), on which the action of the government to promote the internationalisation.

The evaluation is an exercise in transparency and accountability to citizens and serves the objectives of improving the implementation of the proceedings in the area of internationalization and contribute to improved design of future plans.

The report made conclusions and recommendations, which is all the more important to the health crisis and its economic, the plans of action for the implementation of theEIEEsuccessfully accompany companies in their effort to strengthen this internationalisation and the positive contribution of the external sector recovery and balanced growth:

  • The Plan of action 2017-2018 addresses in a balanced way the correction of market failures that hinder the internationalization of enterprises.
  • The implementation of the Plan had been successful, more than 91 per cent of the shares assessed to be fulfilled.
  • Progress has been made in the challenges and objectives set in theEIEE: export growth, enlargement of the export base, increase in participation in international competitions and improvement of the appeal of the spanish economy for attracting investment.
  • You can continue to strengthen the effectiveness of the main instruments for internationalization through greater dissemination, especially among smes, to facilitate better adaptation to the environment and adjusting them to the characteristics and needs of different types of enterprises.
  • The report made specific recommendations forSPANISHSpain export and investment;CESCE,COFIDESterritorial networks; the foreign and trade, as well as related to the momentum of trade agreements.