Evaluation report of the action Plan for the internationalization of the Spanish economy 2017-2018

The report assesses the action Plan 2017-2018, first biennial plan of development of the Spanish Strategy of internationalization of the Spanish economy 2017-2027 (EIEE), around which is articulated government action in building internationalization.

The evaluation is an exercise in transparency and accountability to citizenship and serves the objectives of improving the implementation of interventions in internationalization and contribute to the improvement of the design of future plans.

The report draws conclusions and recommendations, which were more important to the health crisis and economic impacts, to facilitate that action plans for the implementation of the accompanying EIEE successfully to companies in its effort of internationalization and strengthen the positive contribution of the external sector of recovery and balanced growth:

  • The action Plan 2017-2018 addresses in a balanced manner correcting market failures that hinder the internationalization of the companies.
  • The implementation of the Plan has been successful, more than 91% of the shares evaluated have been met.
  • Progress has been made in the challenges and objectives that marks the EIEE: export growth, expansion of the export base, increased participation in international tenders and improves the attractiveness of the Spanish economy for attracting investment.
  • Can continue enhancing the effectiveness of the main tools to promote the internationalisation through greater diffusion, especially among SMEs, facilitating greater adaptation to the environment and adjusting them to the characteristics and needs of different types of companies.
  • The report made concrete recommendations for ICEX Spain export and investment; CESCE, COFIDES; territorial networks and foreign trade, as well as related to the momentum of trade agreements.